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onsdag 30 maj 2012

First impressions from Porto

On May 23 I have arrived to Porto as an Erasmus exchange teacher to work for the Engineering Faculty at the University of Porto. This Faculty is as big as our whole University of Borås and has over 7000 students. The Faculty also cooperates with the Faculty of Arts in providing a Bachelor's programme in Information Science. This Bachelor's programme was my main target, but not only that. There is a doctoral education programme in the Faculty of Arts and I was giving a research seminar for the doctoral students.
On Monday (May 28) the students of Master's and Bachelor's programmes in Information Science were organizing their annual conference devoted to information management. They use this conference as a platform for meeting their potential employers to find out about their requirements for information specialists and alumni who talk about their jobs and achievements. The researchers from both faculties (Engineering and Arts) organize a research pannel during this conference. They also invite international guests to take part in this event.
In addition, I visited the library of the Faculty of Engineering, which is in the centre of the Faculty in a rather new building and has modern facilities with a number of services that are offered to the students and staff of the Faculty.
This first text is introduction to my whole visit at the University of Porto.
I also used this trip to get acquainted with this beautiful and ancient city and some of its highlihgts.
My very first impression of Porto was warmth and sunshine and then an image of a wonderful chapel all covered in ceramic tiles that rose in front of the Metro station when I came to the city.
Elena Maceviciute

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