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onsdag 28 januari 2015

Minor Field Studies - Malaysia

23rd of January 2015 - Singapore - 新加坡共和国 - Singapura

Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay, Singapore
To be back in Singapore, after working at the National University of Singapore in 2012, is very exciting. The purpose of this trip is to go to Malaysia, but first I stay for two days here in the lovely "Lion City". Since there are no lions in Singapore, one might wonder why it's nickname is Lion City. There is a long story, but to make it short; in Malay Singapore is Singapura - derived from "Singa" for lion and "Pura" for city.

I have an interesting day ahead, going to work as a volunteer and plant trees at the Pasir Ris Park.

25th of January Malaysia – Johor Bahru

Pulai Springs Resort, JB, Malaysia
I got much later than expected to Malaysia today due to something I ate last night. Quite troublesome to go through the Woodlands Checkpoint feeling sick, there is like a highly secured fort at the border of Singapore/Malaysia. Well, it was worth the trouble once I arrived at my hotel in Johor Bahru. I was supposed to meet with the the faculty today, but it changed in the very last minute. Early night to get ready for a morning meeting at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, UTM.

26th of January Malaysia – Johor Bahru - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Visit at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, UTM
My morning meeting took place at Media and Game Innovation Centre of Excellence (MaGICX), located on the UTM campus. The director of MaGICX, Dr. Mohd Sharizal Sunar, and Dr. Farhan Mohamed started the meeting with a presentation of their research centre and UTM. 
We discussed possibilities for computer science and information systems students from the University of Borås to do field studies in the region. 

They were interested and are willing to help students from Sweden applying for a Minor Field Study scholarship, great news for students with ambitions of conducting field studies in Malaysia. 

During the morning I was also introduced to other members of MaGICX and had a chance to see what kind of research they were conducting.

At lunchtime I was introduced to Dr. Adrian David Cheok from City University of London. He is a professor of Pervasive Computing and is setting up a new research lab in Iskandar, in the south of Malaysia. This region is very dynamic and interesting things are happening here! 

27th - 28th of January Malaysia – Johor Bahru - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

I participated in the weekly morning meetings at MaGICX. The staff meet on Tuesdays for three presentations by either seniors, Ph.D students or master students. Excellent opportunity for me to get an insight in their work. I also had a chance to introduce myself, the purpose of my trip and my own research.
After a nice lunch it was time for a campus tour, UTM has a large and lush campus. They even have stables at the campus!
The last meeting of the day was with the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Dr. Siti Zaiton Mohd Hashim. We realized that we had a lot to discuss and booked another meeting the following day.