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torsdag 16 mars 2017

E-TEAM Education Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic

Vincent Nierstrasz, prof. Textile Materials Technology, dept. of Textile Technology, Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business

March 12-17 I had the opportinity to teach Textile Biotechnology (a resource effective way of textile processing) at the Technical University of Liberec, (Czech Republic) in the framework of the E-TEAM master program of the AUTEX. University of Borås is a member of the AUTEX. The AUTEX has its own ambitious textile technology master program. In this program the students are hosted at 4 different AUTEX member universities for the duration of a semester. The professors teaching the different topics have to teach for 1 week at the hosting university. This time the host for the 2nd semester is the faculty of Textile Engineering in Liberec.
I am teaching in the E-TEAM program since 1999. Teaching in the E-TEAM program is challeging for both students and professors and has the benefit that you in fact become quite familiar with most AUTEX member universities, thereby facilitating European research collaborations.

The TU Liberec is a middle-sized university with 6 faculties:
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 
  • Faculty of Textile Engineering 
  • Faculty of Science-Humanities and Education 
  • Faculty of Economics 
  • Faculty of Arts and Architecture 
  • Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Inter-Disciplinary Studies
  • Faculty of Health Studies
The faculty of Textile Engineering was established in 1960, and is, like the school of textiles in Borås in Sweden, the only academic education in Czech Republic, addressing the whole textile subject, textile materials, technology, marketing and design. The faculty has 6 departments:
  • Textile Technology
  • Nonwovens and nanofibrous materials
  • Clothing Technology
  • Materials Engineering
  • Design
  • Textile Evaluation
In addition to teaching, I had meetings with several staff members from the dept. of Materials Engineering, the dept. of Clothing Technology, as well as the vice dean to discuss research at the faculty of Textile Engineering as well as in my research group in order to strengthen our research collaboration (see e.g. the blog of Sina Seipel, a PhD-student in my group that visited TU liberec in 2016). I also had a meeting with a representative of Inotex, who is sepcialized in Textile Biotecnology to further discuss potential collaboration.

It was an inspiring and busy week.

Vincent Nierstrasz

The Faculty of Textile Technology

Town hall

City centre

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