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torsdag 8 juni 2017

Workshop in Knitting Technology – Joel Peterson, University of Borås, Erasmus workshop at ITECH in Lyon.

At the end of March 2017, 29th to 31st I had the oppurtunity to visit ITECH in Lyon and Roanne. They bescribes themselves like this at their home page: 
"ITECH is the European School of Paints, the World School of Leather (recruitment of post-graduate leather engineers from the biggest international firms as well as SMEs) and the School known and recognized for its applications in chemistry (paint, inks, adhesives and cosmetics) and textile techniques."

I visited first their facilities in Roanne where the textile part is located. A guided tour in the different labs was arranged and we had the opportunity to look at the machinery. Weft knitting and warp knitting machines were studied and the labs were well equipped. The workshop with representatives from ITECH and myself discussed various common problems in education and research in the field of knitting technology. Common problems were lack of new machinery and time consuming programming of the flat knitting machines. It is difficult for the students to learn the programming because it takes long time and the courses in knitting technology are short. We discussed the importance for a textile university to have skilled technicians and this is also an important part for a well-working knitting department. Then the discussion continued about further cooperation in research and education and we agreed that several topics can be further investigated.

At the end of my stay I also visited ITECH main campus in Lyon. A guided tour showed the facilities and labs and also here it was interesting to see fine laboratorys as support for student learning. A lot of chemistry, polymer and testing labs used to educate students for the paint, chemestry and other industries.

A meeting with the staff of the school ended my visit at ITECH in France and I am convinced that the possibilities for future collaborations between our universities are positive.

//Joel Peterson

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