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fredag 13 oktober 2017

Thermochromic workshop at Vilnius art academy

3 days Thermochromic workshop – Dr. Marjan Kooroshnia - Senior lecturer, The Swedish school of textiles, University of Borås, Erasmus workshop at Vilnius art academy.
Oct.9th to Oct.11th, I had the opportunity to teach how to work with thermochromic inks when designing dynamic surface patterns at the Vilnius art academy, department of textile and fashion design. 

I had three different groups to teach; first group was fashion designers from both BA and MA, second group was textile designers from both BA and MA, and third group was teachers and PhD students in textile and fashion design. 

Working with thermochromic inks, be that in the form of studying and teaching or designing dynamic surface patterns using them, relates to a large degree to thermochromic colour transitions. Teaching the behaviour of thermochromic inks in relation to other static colours and varying temperature, and based on existing colour theories and practical exercises, is almost impossible. During my PhD study, I created a pedagogical tool for teaching the behaviour of thermochromic inks to students in textile and fashion design. It is based on printed colour swatches and structured tasks. The tasks create opportunities for the students to learn the principle of colour transition by actually experiencing them. 

Considering the students design outcomes as a workshop evaluation, they learnt how to integrate their new knowledge of the behaviour of thermochromic inks with what they already knew about static pigments in relation to design of a surface pattern. 
The last day of workshop was more free studying. We examined design possibilities offered by thermochromic inks on different qualities of fabrics.

In addition, I had the opportunity to visit Vilnius university campus, meeting staffs, seeing their facilities, and students `art and design works. 
Staying in Vilnius, provided me an opportunity to see a doctoral exhibition in photography, and visiting Contemporary art centre as well. 

Overall, I am glad for the experiences that I have made during those days in terms of both educational and cultural. I am thankful for new perspectives I have got through talking with students and faculties. This exchange was important for me to get to know practices at other art and design academies. Furthermore, I hope that this stay can strengthen collaborations and exchanges between the Swedish school of textiles and Vilunis art academy. 
I am happy for the personal experience through staying in Vilnius, meeting new people, and getting to know a new culture is always fascinating. 

Marjan Kooroshnia

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